Unequaled Heritage in Li-ion Space Batteries

SpaceEnerSys is the industry leader providing world class battery power in small cell satellite and large format lithium-ion cells and batteries.

We've supplied battery products and services to for some of the most demanding space applications including:

World Leaders In Space Batteries Using COTS Lithium-Ion Cells

Our ABSL team pioneered this market leading approach to lithium-ion space battery design in the 1990s.

This small cell approach enables optimal battery solutions for the most demanding mission requirements.

EnerSys continues to scan the market for high-performance commercial battery cells to produce higher-performance solutions for future applications.


  • Reliability - 1.6 Billion cell hours with no reported failures
  • Performance - Adaptable to superior cell technologies
  • Flexibility - Uniquely scalable for voltage and capacity
  • Simplicity - No balancing electronics or cell bypass

72 Amp-Hour Cell

EnerSys has recently completed space qualification of its industry leading Large Format lithium-ion Space cell and has moved into flight production.

We are now offering the market large cell solutions based on our heritage in small cell design.

This 72Ah cell utilizes long life chemistry designed for Low Earth & Geosynchronous Orbit applications.


Long life chemistry characteristics:

  • Zero Volt™ technology
  • 30°C operation
  • 80,000 cycles
  • 20% DOD
  • 20% fade

Launch Vehicle Batteries - Heritage and Innovation

With increasing demand and developments in launch vehicles, EnerSys has enhanced its capability and technology for powering launch vehicles.

EnerSys possesses a wide range of space and military products including Li-ion, Li-thermal, Li-liquid reserve and Li-Active primary batteries.


  • Space Launch System
  • Antares
  • KSLV1 and KSLV2

Meeting The Demands For Manned Space

Providing energy storage solutions to manned missions is possibly one of the most demanding and challenging aspects of space engineering.

Meeting NASA manned-mission safety requirements is a major achievement for EnerSys and demonstrates the company's continuing capability to meet and exceed the many demands of space operation, including crew safety.


  • CST-100 service module
  • Launch Abort System
  • EMU
  • Dream Chaser

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